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  • Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

    Nothing to do with quilting, but thought I would share with you how I spent today in the kitchen, I wasn’t cooking, I was organizing.  A while ago, I had decided that my herbs and spices needed to be organized.

    There wasn’t enough room for all of them in one place, so they were all over the place, in the kitchen and in the pantry.  It was always a challenge to remember what was where.  Since they were in all different size containers, they didn’t fit into one drawer.  Now they do.

    I found a source for SQUARE spice bottles, reasonably priced, round ones roll around and you lose space not having corners.  I ordered them early this week and they arrived yesterday.

    So I went to work.

    Here is the before:


    And here is the after:


    Doing this I finally have them all in one place, and now know what I have.  I enjoy using different herbs and spices in my cooking, so now I can immediately see if I have what I am looking for.

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    • The drawer is part of the unit that replaced/moved the stove when we remodeled a couple of years ago. When I saw that the drawers pulled out ALL the way, I had him replace all of the kitchen drawers.

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