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  • Spring is about to spring!

    We finally got some snow.  Used to get a lot more on the mountain, but there has been more in town this season than in the past.

    Finally back to quilting, at least handwork!  The last border for the Floral Alphabet Quilt is halfway finished.  Then it will be on to hand quilting!


    Also been baking, as I said in September I love baking, especially breads, and have really gotten into making breads with (levain) starter has become my thing.  Would love to hear from quilters out there who are also into baking.  I have decided it is in my blood.  My mother was born in a little village in Germany where her family, going back to her great grandfather, owned a bakery.  Back in the 1800s, the bakery also provided oven space for the villagers, not everyone had an oven in their home!!

    By the time we visited the village in 2008, however, the bakery had been closed for several years.  We did meet my mother’s cousin who had retired, but his children had no interest in continuing the business.  Another bakery had opened, because I am sure the villagers didn’t want to do without their rye bread and other baked sweets!

    Here is the latest from my oven. Pesto Sourdough Rolls.


    Most of the blocks this year are based on the theme of the month and no completed quilt is involved.  Use them as a calendar block, pillow, or whatever you decide.  Here is the March Block of the Month–Clover and Forget me Nots.

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