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These quilt patterns are called Sewfasst® for one simple reason, the techniques for making patches are quicker and more efficient than cutting individual patches and sewing them together.  All the techniques use strips, squares, and rectangles to make the various patches.  

They are sewn, sliced, diced and sometimes sewn again, to achieve patches that can be used in these quilts and any others you plan to make.  All the patterns include the formulas to make the patches larger or smaller, to incorporate into your own designs.

If you would like to take a class just to learn these techniques, it starts whenever you want to take it at the Academy of Quilting website.

Other pieced patterns can be found in Bargello Quilts and Pieced Quilts.  Check out Appliqué, Crafts, and Books, too.  Some patterns are available in my Payhip Shop.  

In the pattern descriptions, patterns are rated as to difficulty.  Rotary cutting and machine sewing experience are required for all levels.

Easy Intermediate Challenging
Pattern or block uses few pieces, with very basic construction techniques. Pattern or block has more involved construction techniques, but relatively easy.  Pattern or block has complicated construction techniques, but worth the extra effort.

Some of the patterns are available at Payhip, clicking on either the title or the thumbnail will take you to a full-size picture and description on my website.

All Those Blocks  A-Mazing Star Blended Triangles
 Blossom Time  Double Stars  I Spy
 Scrappy Stars  Starburst  Tulips