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Pieced Quilts

Here you will find some of my pieced patterns, only one requires minimal appliqué, some use a few of my Sewfasst® techniques.  Other pieced patterns can be found in Bargello Quilts and Sewfasst©Quilts.  Pieced patterns are found in Appliqué Quilts because these quilts have some appliqué.  Some interesting projects are also found in Crafts and Books, too.  Rotary cutting and sewing machine experience is required for all.

In the pattern descriptions, patterns are rated as to difficulty.

Easy Intermediate  Challenging

Pattern or block uses few pieces, with very basic construction techniques.

Pattern or block has more involved construction techniques, but relatively easy.  Pattern or block has complicated construction techniques, but worth the extra effort!  

If the pattern is available at Craftsy, clicking on the title or thumbnail will take you to that website or to a full-size picture and description on my website.

Bunch o’ Clucks  Just Dreamin’ Paper Piecing Neverending Scrap Quilt Nine Lives
Nova Evening Star Ribbons ‘n’ Hearts Sandy Shores Paper Piecing  T-Shirt Quilt
  Waggly Tails   Yo Bear Baby Quilt