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Waggly Tail

Easy 32″x48″ Quilt

These happy pups are so welcoming.  Their “waggly tails,” may be facing you, but can’t you just “see” their expressions?  There are no templates and no single triangles to sew, only strips and squares are used.  The pattern and instructions are designed to be used with non-directional or directional fabric that has the design running lengthwise, parallel to the selvage. 

If you need litters of puppies, you can make as many as you like as Jane did when she made this quilt for her grandson, and it isn’t even finished!

The pattern is available as an instant download.

$6.75 at my Payhip Shop.

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  1. On pages three and four of the pattern, you show an extra line on the half square triangle. Is there a purpose to the line? It looks like maybe another unit that should be sewn to the ear flaps?

    • It is a glitch in the background of that piece, I need to figure out how to erase it, thank you for pointing it out to me.

  2. Attachment

    Maybe you already know that it only takes one “layer cake”, a 10 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ square to make each puppy? Sooo many possibilities! Stacking and cutting goes quickly.

    • Thank you for that very helpful bit of information! I did not know that. I am sorry I didn’t answer sooner, for some reason I am not getting notifications of comments.

      • I finally got around to checking out this idea, but when I googled Layer Cakes, they are listed as 10″ squares, not 10-1/2″. I played with the patches and found that 10″ won’t work, but 10-1/2″ definitely would! So you could layer the fabric, 10-1/2″ squares, then cut into strips and squares! Would work great especially if you are making each puppy from a different fabric. I have now included a cutting diagram in the pattern for the 10-1/2″ square.

  3. I would love to get a copy of thisPattern but I see that you’re having a lot of trouble with that payment website is the problem corrected before I make a purchase?

    • Occasionally there have been issues, but I have sold many patterns since October. That is a conundrum of the internet and computers. They are supposed to save time, but not necessarily!

  4. Dear Quilter,

    I can’t get the Payhip to work, but desperately need the pattern. Any other way to order from you?

  5. I don’t have pay pal, how can I purchase this pattern.? I would send a check. Or call in my credit card number. Thank you.

    • I am in the process of moving the pattern to my Payhip Shop. It will be available there shortly

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