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I know some people call appliqué the “A” word.  To me, it is wonderful, since it is so portable. 

I always carry some kind of handwork with me.  Sometimes it is knitting because you never know when you will find a few minutes to do some stitching.  It is so satisfying to finish a project in those moments waiting for an appointment or picking up children.

All of my appliqué quilts are combined with piecing.  Some of them include piecing with my Sewfasst Techniques®.

Combining appliqué and piecing in a quilt, really makes the quilt.

Or take a look at the projects in Pieced Quilts, Bargello Quilts, Sewfasst®Quilts.


Click on either the title or the thumbnail to take you to a full-size picture and description.

Flower Lattice Quilt Geese in the Lily Pond Home Sweet Home
Lotus Blossom Oma’s Cupboard Pick a Peck
Snow Crystal Stars ‘n’ flowers Wreath of Flowers




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