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I know some people call appliqué the “A” word, but to me it is wonderful, since it is so portable.  All of my appliqué quilts are combined with piecing.  Some of them include piecing with my Sewfasst Techniques®. ignore

I always carry some kind of hand work with me, sometimes it is knitting, because you never know when you will find a few minutes to do some stitching.  It is so satisfying to finish a project in those moments waiting for an appointment or picking up children.

Combining appliqué and piecing in a quilt, really makes the quilt.  If you are just looking for floral appliqué blocks, my Block of the Month Appliqué Collection is still available.

Or take a look at the projects in Pieced Quilts, Bargello Quilts, Sewfasst®Quilts, Books and Crafts.  Rotary cutting and machine sewing experience is required for all levels.

In the pattern descriptions, patterns are rated as to difficulty.

Intermediate Challenging

Design has more involved construction techniques, but relatively easy.

Design has complicated construction techniques, but worth the extra effort!


If the pattern is available at Craftsy, clicking on either the title or the thumbnail will take you to the website or to a full size picture and description.

Flower Lattice Quilt Geese in the Lily Pond Home Sweet Home
Lotus Blossom Pick a Peck  Snow Crystal
Stars ‘n’ flowers
Wreath of Flowers