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Lotus Blossom

Challenging   96″x96″ quilt

This spectacular appliqué and pieced quilt was designed for and made by the Glendale Quilt Guild members to raise funds for their philanthropic projects.

Lotus Blossom won an Honorable Mention at the American Quilt Society Show in Paducah, Kentucky and also was chosen by Fairfield Polyfil to use in their magazine advertisements.

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  1. This is an email I received from a young woman who purchased the pattern. I was thrilled to hear about her Great Aunt making the quilt TWICE! I only wish she had sent me pictures!
    It’s my bucket list quilt and I’m soooo excited to get the pattern… My late Great Aunt was a Master Quilter and taught me how to quilt at age 8. She made your Lotus Blossom 2 times, each time it was so different, unique and oh so beautiful.. I was working on a quilt with machine applique on the border that I designed while she was working on her first Lotus Blossom, I loved it so much and promised her that I would make it at least once myself. I’ve been looking for the pattern since her passing two years ago. I finally found the quilt group member that had originally shown my Aunt your pattern and she sent me the info to find you! I’m a homeschooling mama with 4 young children and this stage of life doesn’t allow me a lot of time for my hobbies right now, but I’m hoping to start working on this little by little! I think they would enjoy watching me work on this and it would be educational as well! 🙂

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