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  • 2009 Block of the Month

    It is with a great deal of delight and pleasure that the following pictures are presented here.  These are the 2009 Block of the Month designs that Sandy Wyngaard made.  I am posting her comments along with each picture.  Send me pictures of your renditions of the Block of the Month and I will post them here.

    This is Dottie Olsons’ door quilt…four of the blocks were done by her…before she lost her eyesight to sew…two of the blocks..pink flowers and Iris were done by me,( needle turn applique..by hand). I assembled the quilt and machine quilted it and used a different technique to bind it ..completely by machine.


    These are the other four blocks I have done for my quilt..I have a few more to do…I was hoping to get a 9 block quilt ..we will see since I gave two blocks to my friend.
    Some of the blocks have been embellished with colonial knots, embroider and beads. I still have some embellishment to do to the other two blocks.

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