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  • July 2017 Block of the Month

    Finally caught up with myself!  This has been a month of distractions.  As some of you might know but for those who don’t, we took a 10-day hiatus from home and computer.  The train to San Antonio was our mode of transportation.  We went for our oldest grand daughter’s graduation.  We were thrilled to hear her sing the national anthem.

    The train was very relaxing but I didn’t get one stitch of work done.  Since I appliqué in the car, I figured I would have two days of stitching time on the train.  I had even prepared the August and September blocks because I would have so much time on my hands.  I found that the train moves too much finally gave it up as a lost cause.   Not completely lost because I now have those blocks ready to appliqué!

    Second distraction was my daughter and her little one came to visit for a week.  Being a grandmother is very special, but doesn’t allow for stitching time.  How did I find time for stitching when mine were small?  Maybe being young has something to do with it.  The important thing is that this month’s block is done, right down to the wire, finished it yesterday.This month’s letter didn’t leave me with many choices.  I think of these as Freeway Daisies, since a similar type of flower is used along the freeways here in Southern California.  The scientific name of this one is “ursinia,” and that was all I cared about since I needed a flower that began with U.  To get the two-tone petals you need to sew two strips together.  All the necessary information is on the PDF pages.

    The leaves don’t quite look like the true leaves, but I figured I would get grief if I expected you to appliqué the way they really look, so I adapted them.  You can see what I am talking about in this drawing. 

    Anyone else out there with finished blocks?  We would all love to see them as they are an inspiration to others.  We don’t care how long ago you started it, just share!

    Click on the title “2017 Alphabet Block of the Month” below to take you to the page with the 2017 blocks.

    2017 Alphabet Block of the Month

    2016 Alphabet BOM at Craftsy

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  1. Did I miss something? I do not find a block for “R”. It’s on the listing but I cannot click on it and I don’t find it in your store on Craftsy. Thanks for your response.

    • Thank you for a gentle reminder. Putting it on Craftsy was on my to do list today! Helps to look at it.

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