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    Just a quick note to share what I have been doing, besides appliqué.  Our little granddaughter loves dresses.  I have lots of patterns from the 1970s when I made dresses for my daughters, but I was looking for something simple.  I found several sources with free patterns for A-line dresses.

    I thought I would make these first from Burda.  I changed some of the ways I made it, their instructions were not designed for a novice and will post a tutorial when I make a few more.  These are designed to be pullovers, but I will have to change them if they don’t fit over her head.  Hope I didn’t go to all this trouble and find I have to redo them! I hate remodeling.

    The one on the left was from a commercial pillowcase with a ruffle that my friend Leni gave me to make a nightgown for my other granddaughter but never got around to making it.  So I used it for this purpose and the other dress is from a Liberty of London cotton lawn that I purchased at least 30 years ago.  It too is finally made its way out of my stash!

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  1. I am wondering why I received 4 identical emails this time. About 5 or 6 months ago, I started getting double emails and now I am up to 4 each time you send one out. I really like getting your newsletter, but I would prefer to only get one email each time.

    • Sorry everyone for the duplicate emails. I did not realize that if I correct something in the post, after posting it, it sends out a new notice. Now that I am aware of that, I will figure out how to avoid that in the future. I am my own webmaster so there is a certain learning curve involved.

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