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    Why do I do this to myself?  I must be trying for the procrastinator’s top award?  There is such an award, right?  If you wondered what happened to September’s blog, it is only a memory.  Instead of making a draft, I wrote over it.  Oh well!  I struggle with this computer stuff.  Fabric and thread are the mediums to which my skills are attuned.

    The August block is done and online, the September block is still under the needle and October is upon us. I know I said I was going to make it my goal to get BOTH blocks done, but life always interferes with the fun stuff!  So I still have two blocks that need to be finished by the end of October.augblkfin

    During this time of year, I always think of chrysanthemums but don’t have any pictures, besides, they have way too many petals!

    However, I do have pictures of different daisies.  Aren’t they kind of like mums, all those petals?  Yes, maybe, kind of?  Whatever color you want to make your block is up to you.


    octblock1If you missed any blocks, and this link will take you to the pattern page.

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