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    aprblkfinFinished the April block on the road trip that started here in California, May 1.  Not much to see along I-10 on the way to San Antonio, so I was able to stitch in the car.  However after that not much stitching.  After San Antonio we headed north to Iowa, east to Chicago, north to Milwaukee and then west to Yellowstone.  Of course, we stopped along the way to visit Mt. Rushmore and Devil’s Monument.  On the way home, we drove through the Grand Tetons, but didn’t see them, because of the thick cloud cover and heavy rain.  Along the way I took lots of pictures of scenery, animals, and flowers, of course!  Plan to share those with you as we go through the year.

    I “planned” to get the May and June blocks done, what was I thinking??  Should have known better, there was so much to see, that I barely got the May block started. Naturally, I take all my applique tools along, so I did grab a few minutes to at least get the May block basted.juneblock3

    This month, the block of the month flower is inspired by the flax plant.  They grow wild in my back yard, but also found them on the prairies of our North Western states.  We also found them at the Antelope Island State Park in Salt Lake, Utah, there was a picture with the name Prairie Flax.juneblock1

    These flowers were much larger than mine, but maybe the drought has something to do with it.  Those growing in my yard are slightly larger than 1/2″ across, whereas the ones on the island were about 1″ in size.  Here is a view of the mainland from the island.juneblock5

    These are the fabrics that I am planning to use.  My thinking is that a subtle stripe in the fabric will be perfect for those petals.  Although the pattern shows a deeper yellow for the centers, I thought that the softer yellow would be more like the flower as shown in the photo.juneblock4

    If you missed any blocks, and this link will take you to the pattern page.

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  1. Barbara the blocks are lovely! With the beautiful scenery you had to look at, I can well understand why you didn’t get the May block done. I don’t think I would have either. Sounds like you had a lovely trip. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely patterns.

    Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Palm Bay, FL

    • Thank you, yes it was a very special trip, probably never see those parts of the country again. I think we tend to forget how much the U.S.A. has to see. We don’t need to leave our shores to see beauty and learn the history of our country.

    • You are keeping me on my toes! This is what happens when you come home after being away and try to hurry to get everything up and running! BOTH pages are now up there.

  2. Hi Barbara, I believe the link to the June block for the BOM is broken. I get an error message and PAGE UNFOUNDED . Will you please check it from your side of the country? I am still keeping up with the blocks and looking forward to the pretty blue one. Thanks so much for sharing! Linda

    • Sorry about that! It is up and running now. I scheduled it, but forgot to check one box. Hopefully you can access it now.

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