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  • October 2017 Block of the Month

    We are coming down to the end of our alphabet flowers and one starting with “X” was needed.  Very few choices available, but I found this one, Xyris.  You may never have heard of it, and neither had I, but here is the definition from the dictionary. I am thinking of it as a wild flower, not a weed.  We already have one weed in our alphabet garden, the dandelion, last year’s April flower.

    Besides yellow, they also are found with lavender and blue petals.

    I took a little artistic license and chose an orange fabric in place of yellow.  The November block is a yellow flower, so I didn’t want two flowers of the same color next to each other.  Not a lot of “Y” flowers out there either.  Now you have a small hint about November, but that is all you get.

    You may have seen Mary H. August and September blocks on Facebook, but in case you didn’t here they are.

    Any other finished blocks?  We would all love to see them as they are an inspiration to others.  Please share, it doesn’t matter how long ago you started it!

    Click on the title “2017 Alphabet Block of the Month” below to take you to the page with the 2017 blocks.

    2017 Alphabet Block of the Month

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