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  • UFO 10-Trying to catch up

    I had no idea how my knee replacement surgery would take so much of my time and energy.  Just figured I would be able to go on doing all the things I love to do!  Wrong!  Between exercising my new knee, physical therapy and post-op appointments I barely had time to post the project for this month. Found that sitting at the computer or sewing weren’t quite as comfortable either.  I use my left foot for the foot control, but my Bernina has a knee lift on the RIGHT!!  So automatic to push it with that knee, ouch!

    Anyways, enough with the complaining!  The knee is healing nicely and can’t wait to get the other one done.  

    I had an opportunity to actually have Tea for Two!  Friends came to get some firewood because winter is coming! While the menfolk split and loaded the wood, she and I had tea and scones.  This is a recipe from King Arthur Flour, but I made a couple of changes to the ingredients and preparation.  It was very easy to make, actually the first time I made scones!  I wasn’t sure she was coming so I froze the shaped raw dough the night before and baked them in the morning as it mentions in step 13 in the recipe.  They rose beautifully!  I made them with Craisins® but there are other variations included in the recipe.

    CLICK on the photo for the recipe! 

    This neck pillow is another project that has been on the back burner for a while but is going to be my husband’s Christmas present.  Since he doesn’t look at my website, I won’t worry about him seeing this.  And if he does, oh well!

    We have an inflatable neck pillow that we keep in the car and I used it to get the basic shape for the pattern.  We purchased a recliner for my husband and he needs something just under his neck.  The neck pillow will stay put, even when he falls asleep. 

    Thought I would use fabric that would coordinate with his new chair and the rest of the furniture in our living room. The inflatable one has a removable cover, with a zipper, but I changed the location of the zipper to make it easier to insert the zipper.

    CLICK on the photo to get the tutorial and pattern. 

    Mary H. sent some more of her finished projects!  Love seeing what she comes up with each month. She just finished the binding on this one so I could post it.  

    Please post pix of your UFOs.  It can be done at the bottom of the page. Remember I said I was going to collect the names of all those who shared UFO’s for a drawing?  You can also get your name in, just post before and after pictures of something you finished or pictures of finished appliqué blocks from this website! They will be shared here on the blog. 

    As usual, the quilt row along designers are from around the globe. Two more days and then there will be the sharing!

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