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  • Pressing Appliqué Blocks

    I have not been happy with pressing the blocks and maybe it is because I have been doing it wrong, or not remembering how I was taught.

    I was using a thin dish towel, dampened and then laid on the appliqué block which was face up.  I got all kinds of funny wrinkles, that I would then try to get out with the iron and I wasn’t very successful.

    So instead I used a terry hand towel, sprayed it with plain water, placed the block on it FACE down.  Guess what!pressblk

    It came out beautifully!  This was the August block, which really did have strange wrinkles in it, now all smooth and straight.  So I pressed all the others, much happier now!

    I pressed with a iron set at the cotton setting, gently pulling at the edges to keep them straight.  I don’t use steam, just my old flat iron.  This iron has to be at least 50 years old.iron

    Finished the September block and on to the October block.  I know I have another week.sepfinblk

    So let me know how you press blocks or if the face down method works for you.

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