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    Thought I would share how I pressed the petals for the block-of-the-month for October flower, so the one edge would have a nice curve.  It is hard to get that strong curve simply pressing the fabric edge over the template.  So what I did instead was to gather that edge, just like I gathered the fabric for the flower centers, except I started along the straight edge.

    Dampen the edges and gathers with the sizing, then press.  I find my little Clover iron works better than using a regular iron.press_petals1 Now the curve is curved, without any of those annoying little points!press_petals2I don’t think it takes any longer than pressing over the edge of the template, except there are forty of these!

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  1. I love the petal fabric! It would be perfect as a sliced apple as well! The same technique applied. as you described, for the curved outside red edge and a straight press on the lighter colored inner core edge.

    Thanks for sharing! Cathy vonJess in MA

    • That was another one of those fabrics I picked up and added to my stash, because it looked like it had possibilities. Love the idea of an apple!

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