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  • Everything is being revealed today!

    What a day this is!  Going in a couple of different directions wasn’t in the original plan but it is what it is!  Click here to see the Mountain Mystery Quilt Reveal below, but first, we will talk about my Garden Party Row Along.

    Dandelions ‘n’ Geese in my Garden Placemats and Tablerunner!

    I am not much of a gardener, but I do pull weeds in our yard.  Since weeds are the natural part of a garden I figured that dandelions would be a good subject for this Garden Party Row Along!  I also realized that they have been a part of my life and stitching for a long time.

    Here is a notebook cover that I made in counted cross-stitch many years ago. If you can’t read the numerals under my name it was in 1983!

    Also the fourth month of the Floral Alphabet Appliqué quilt.

    Then there is this family story about dandelions that still makes me smile every time I think about it.  My mother asked our son, who was about four at the time, to help her pull dandelions from her lawn.  “But Oma,” he told her, “they are so pretty! Why would you pull them out?”

    You all know that hand appliqué is my thing and machine appliqué not so much.  However, I wanted to try something that would be a little different.  I did it a long time ago around the edges of snowflakes.

    I call it machine thread painting, sort of!  Since I have pressed the fabric into place, you don’t fill the areas completely, as you would with true thread painting.  This allows the fabric to shine through!  Work only around the edges.  Of course, you can put veins on the leaves if you wish, but I didn’t make veins because they are suggested in the fabric print.

    First I ironed the fabric to Heat ’n’ Bond. Then cut the shapes with my Silhouette Portrait cutter.

    Here is a sample of my stitching.  It is really easy, and not as precise and exacting the way normal machine appliqué would be.  However, I like the way it looks, kind of weedy!

    Here are my steps:

    • On the back of the piece to be appliquéd, pin a piece of stabilizer, either wash-away or tearaway. I am using tearaway, but I will be leaving it in place.
    • I used the open toe quilting foot, lowered the upper thread tension to zero, so no bobbin thread would show.
    • Set the machine at half speed and pushed the pedal to the metal.
    • As the needle was stitching I slightly and gently moved the fabric back and forth, just enough to catch the edges of the fabric.
    • Do not trim the bobbin threads on the back, so the top threads won’t unravel.

    The pattern is available free through Payhip until the end of October.

    Click on the photo below to take you to the link.

    Check out the prizes and don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want a chance to win one!


    Click on the logo above to enter the giveaway.

    They are offering a bundle of

    30 wt Solid Cotton Thread – Essentials Sampler – 500 yd spools 6 pack

    including a pack of Universal Organ Needles.

    Value $39.00  

    Here is the link to their website: SULKY


    They are offering a 20% discount thru the entire Row Along! And that is just through next week! Use this coupon code:
    This includes everything on their site except for EQ Academy.
    Here is a link to their website:
    ELECTRIC QUILT or click on the EQ8 box above
    Shipping: Everything on EQ’s website is available for digital download.


    Here are the remaining Garden Party Row Along Participants!

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    Mountain Mystery Quilt 2020 Reveal!

    And here is Mystery #1 of the Mountain Mystery Quilt, six placemats, tablerunner, and hotpad!  

    At the Payhip link, you will see photos of some of the other Mysteries.  I picked the second choice for the tablerunner because our table is not long enough unless we put in an extension.  So the other block is for a candlemat or hotpad.

    I had planned to have it all quilted and bound, but the last two weeks have been crazy!  Our power company is rewiring our whole area and just about every other day we are without power.  We appreciate the work to keep us safe, but it has put a real dent into my sewing.  I suppose I could have used my treadle machine.  Yes, I have one of those which is in good working order, but I don’t have the 1/4″ or quilting feet for it.  I know, excuses, excuses!!  I just managed to get all the piecing done and just got the Dandelions and Geese pieced, so I could present the finished Row Along project today. 

    The Mystery Quilt will have to wait, hopefully, it will be all ready for Thanksgiving!

    Click below to take you to the 2020 Quilt Along and Mountain Mystery Quilt.

    Remember the free version goes away at the end of the month!

    2020 Quilt Along and Mystery

    Patterns on Payhip

    Previous Row Along Patterns 

    My Classes at Academy of Quilting

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  1. Dandelions are such happy weeds, and there seeds are so delicate – although I don’t like them in my lawn, they have to be one of my favourite subjects for embroidery. And I’m thrilled to have some that I can add to a quilt or a cushion – thank you for sharing your talents, the dandelions are wonderful.

    • Look forward to seeing what you do with them. Your email address makes me think you like owls as well, I do too. Have been collecting them for a long time!

  2. Thank you so much Barbara! When my son was very young he picked me a bouquet of these pretty “flowers” so they are dear to my heart. All of your designs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Thank you for another great pattern. As a child my mother as well as hers used to tell us after we picked a bouquet for the table that if you pick dandelions you would wet the bed at night. We never did and I’ve no idea where this saying came from (?Wales) but mom always giggled when she told us.

  4. Fun to see what looks like the inspiration for this row along. Love your weeds, and picking them would be fun!

  5. Thank you so much for the “weeds”. I have been a fan of your work for a few years. I have collected many of your patterns and hope to make this one as part of my Garden quilt.

  6. Well, you and me both when it comes to gardening! LOL!! In fact Dandelions are my specialty. Thanks for the great addition to our garden!

  7. What’s a garden without weeds. Now if we can identify the gene that makes them strong we could make our favourite flower plants grow well too.

  8. Your dandelions are the prettiest dandelions that I’ve seen. They aren’t as pretty in my garden.

    • You must live out in the country, like we do! The only thing the deer don’t eat is the feverfew, lavender, and wild roses.

  9. I’m a lover of all those little beauties nature puts on my doorstep, and spring dandelions are front and centre each year. You can count on them as can the bees. Thanks for sharing this pattern with us

  10. Dandelions are so healthy – they’re everywhere! I have trained our dog to “get the dandy’s” – she wanders the back yard nipping off then eating the flowers so they don’t go to seed. Back yard is pretty much dandelion free. Love your design.

  11. I remember my grandmother would make us gather dandelions so she could cook the leaves. She always poured vinegar and butter on them.

  12. I’m with your son! I LOVE dandelions, and I don’t pull them out. They are so pretty, and they are also very useful and healthy for us. Thank you so much for making this dandelion lover’s heart happy!

    • Unfortunately, ours grow in the lawn, so they are constantly being trimmed, not enough to make a salad! But I like them anyways.

  13. Your block brings back memories of my childhood and my mother proudly displaying the bouquet of dandelions I had just picked for her. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. I agree with your son. I love dandelions! And though I’ve never tried it, I hear they make good salad. Your row is awesome. Thank you!

    • Years ago they grew in an area of the yard where they weren’t mowed and the leaves were huge. I did use them in salads, just mixed in with other greens.

  15. Your dandelions & geese are AWESOME!! soooo creative too!! I know dandelions are called weeds…but I call em lil’ drops of Sunshine in our yard! 🙂 Thank you for sharing..& for chance to win the Give-a-way too 😀

  16. I live out in the country and have a county yard. meaning whatever comes up! I usually have a lot of dandelions but for some reason there weren’t any this year. Not sure why. I love your block! The dandelion I didn’t have this year!

  17. I love your pattern. Dandelions are actually a pretty flower(weed). The puff balls were so fun to blow and pick the flowers for your mom when we were children!

  18. Another amazing row this year Barbara… Some of us have a green thumb, others of us don’t. I can grow flowers if I buy them at the store and plant them, but they need so little care that it makes it easy for me to just enjoy them. Give me a veggie garden tho and I’m all thumbs, but my hubby can do it well… Either or, I’m so happy you participated this year once again and I hope you’ll come along for the ride again next year. Hugs!!

    • Thank you Marian! Your effort to put this all together is amazing! I hope I can participate again, whatever the theme will be!

  19. Even though dandelions are considered weeds, I love them, from their buds through the fuzzy seeds. They hold a special place in my heart because my kids would being me bouquets of them!

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