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    Waggly Tail is a fun popular pattern that I designed a number of years ago to counter my Nine Lives pattern.  A few days ago, I received an email from Barb W. asking if the block could be enlarged, since she wanted to include it in a quilt she is making.  I gave her a few ideas on how to do that.

    It was such a delight when I received an email in return with a picture of a row from the quilt that included the puppy block from the pattern.  Waggly Tails has the honor of being included in an Edyta Sitar quilt!  Barb replaced a cat block in the quilt with the puppy.  Can’t wait to see the whole quilt!  When I look at this it looks like the puppy is sitting there trying to decide what to do first.  Should he run amuck in the garden or dig up something!

    What a great way to step outside the box.  Just because a block is used in a certain way in one quilt, there is no reason it can’t be used in another way in a different quilt.  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity, Barb W.

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  1. Thanks Barbara for your good ideas! I’ll keep you posted as this quilt emerges-I sure am having fun with it! This dog reminds me of a sweet dog we had named Sage, who would calmly sit just like this little cutie, and survey the world around her-

    • So delighted to see her in a quilt. The little dog I designed is based on a dog I grew up with that was a boxer/lab mix. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt.

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