Heart 'n' Diamonds

A very special Bargello design!  This unusual pattern can be sweet or sophisticated, depending on your fabric and color choices.  This quilt is delightful for a nursery as a baby quilt or equally graphic as a wall hanging in other settings.

Just Dreamin'

So what is he dreaming about?

Waggly Tails

This pattern is becoming a reiteration of 101 Dalmations. Wriggly puppies, smiling faces is the result.

All Those Blocks

Don’t let all those triangles put you off! The pattern includes my Sewfasst®Techniques to avoid cutting individual triangles when piecing blocks.

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    September 13
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    Pumpkin Patch
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    Summer is Here...

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What do quilters have to say?

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Hello Barbara, Thank you for the lesson, you have got me hooked on the easy triangles method which is not provided in many of the books I have. Now I will make some triangle quilts. Thanks once again your class made me forget the situation in the country and did not have to be worried about going out of the house. Once again thanks for all you do.

A. from Kuwait

Barbara, the blocks are lovely! With the beautiful scenery you had to look at, I can well understand why you didn’t get the May block done. I don’t think I would have either. Sounds like you had a lovely trip. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely patterns.


What a wonderful gift. I love your work and every time I make a block I love and all the fun I had making it. You are so nice to share, and give your talents to all of us. I appreciate it and plan on making more. Thank you.