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Quilt Story 2

View of the Lake

This quilt is my first landscape quilt.  It was made with the help of my friend Anne Webster after our daughter died.  Anne owned Clearcreek Quilt shop in Tehachapi but then moved to Redding in Northern California.  When she had the shop I taught there and she was very inspirational.

I was with our daughter in the San Francisco area when she died and felt utterly bereft, as well as being at loose ends.  I called Anne and asked if I could spend a few days with her until all the arrangements were made.  She said come on up and so I did.

The day after I was there she asked me what I wanted to do. “Quilt!” was my answer! What kind of quilt?” she asked.  Since I had never made a non-block type quilt, “landscape,” popped into my head.  We worked on it for two days.

This quilt is made from her fabrics because I hadn’t brought anything with me.  The border was added after I came home.  Funny thing it was a fabric that I purchased from her shop, so I guess you could say the fabrics were all hers.

I entered it into the Best of the Valley Show that was held in the San Joaquin Valley and won a blue ribbon.  It hangs over our bed now and brings back lots of memories when I look at it.