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  • April Block of the Month

    –UPDATE: If you downloaded the March Templates, two errors in it.  Please download it again!–

    hollyhocks2 hollyhocks1

     This month’s flower is based on hollyhock photos that I took in 2011.  Since then the deer have decided that hollyhocks are very tasty, flowers and all.  The plants are eaten to the ground before we get to enjoy them.  Yes, we could fence, but we live in the wild, what do we expect!  There is a cowboy song, “Don’t Fence Me In,” well I don’t want to fence them out!


    Now I must admit, my flower looks somewhat different than the real ones, but that is what is called artistic license.

    Here are the fabrics I am using.  In the photo the mottled pink is deeper in tone than the polka dot, I think that is interesting, because to the eye the polka dot is just slightly lighter in tone.  It will be used for the back petals.


    If you missed any blocks, and this link will take you to the pattern page.

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