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  • Scrappy Triangles Update

    This is going to be short and sweet.  Sewed the Scrappy Triangle Escher blocks together and put on the border.  Have to get to work on making a new  sample for my Sewfasst class that I will be teaching online in 2014 through Academy of Quilting, now that Quilt University is shutting down.  Those of you who took classes there are aware of Carol Miller’s passing, the lady who was behind QU.  Many of the teachers will be teaching at Ruth Blanchet’s website.


    Most of the time I don’t like to use a fabric in the border that is in the quilt, to me it makes it look like there is a hole in the quilt.  However in this case it doesn’t seem to do that and the black batik seems to finish it off.

    Of course it is wider than a width of the fabric, so I had to join two strips for the top and bottom.  When this happens I always use a diagonal seam, rather than a straight seam.

    • Overlap the two ends by about 1/4″, doesn’t have to be exact.
    • Draw a line across the top piece, from where the two pieces overlap.  Pin along both sides, away from the line.


    • Sew the seam and cut about 1/4″ away from the seam.
    • Press the seam open, to reduce bulk.



    That’s all for today, quilters!

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