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  • Snow, snow and more snow!

    The storm of 2019 will make this a memorable year!  We haven’t had a storm like this since 2o08.  In the past ten years our winters have been very mild.  Many of you probably think that we in Southern California have no clue as to what snow is.  We don’t unless we live in the mountains and even then that doesn’t compare to what the East and other parts of the world get!

    We call our house Snohaus, so this picture should verify that!  We also lost one of our last healthy pines, that was growing right next to the house.  Since the snow and ice weighed it down, it broke three feet up from the ground.  Thankfully it didn’t fall on the house. That is what you see in the foreground.  I took this picture while slogging through the snow from the street.

    It still is a lot when we get TWO feet within a few days with predictions of more and to have vital medical appointments and a driver’s license renewal appointment, too!  So we decided to take a mini vacation and stayed in town.  It was fun enjoying our small town’s selection of restaurants.  We don’t eat out that often, so it has been very interesting.  

    With all this cold weather I feel almost as frozen about not getting more work done.  Other than the final border of the block of the month I don’t have much to offer this month.  Still working on the vest and hoping to have finished photos for the first of April.

    I found an interesting way of joining the back pieces.  It all started because I decided to put both sides on one needle; figuring it would be easier to keep the same tension.

    Just like the front pieces, I cast on three stitches and then kept adding at the end of each row. The triangles look like they are attached in the center, but aren’t…yet! 

    When it came time to form the center seam or straight edge, I thought why not knit them together.  I really hate seaming knitted pieces because they never turn out the way I like.  This is what it looks like so far. The underarm area is already started. But now I have to figure out how to write the instructions.  Since I am a quilter, trying to write knitting instructions is very different.  That will take me until next time.  Then I can get back to working on the Floral Alphabet Garden borders and finish quilting the Flower Wreath Quilt from 2015!

    Click on the link below to take you to the page with the 2019 blocks.

    2019 Block of the Month

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