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  • A new spring in my step?

    Down to the wire!  I wanted to present you with the finished vest before I go to the hospital on March 26 for knee replacement surgery.  I have been very happy with my right knee surgery last August, so made the decision to go ahead with the left knee. So by the time you see this, it will be done!  (Update: I am home and on the mend)

    What you see on the left, was intended to be the “back,” but is now the front. Once I finished knitting the “back” I was really tempted to redo the “front” which is on the right.  However, I decided I really needed to be done with it, so it is now reversible.  Actually, it was easier to knit the two side pieces together than making the individual side pieces, since doing them at the same time kept them even.  I like the way the “V” neck looks too.  So make two back pieces or two front pieces or one of each, it is your vest.

    The directions are in the Diagonal Vest PDF.  Hopefully, you can make sense of the directions, if you are an experienced knitter you should be able to understand them.  These are not for the beginning knitter.  I wrote them as the vest was knitted and as I said I am a quilter, not a knitting instructor.

    The front and side seams were sewn with the ladder stitch just bringing the edge stitches together, which makes it look like a braid.  So I made that the right side because those seams resembled the seam up the middle of the “back” piece.  Actually, when I looked at the inside, the seam was kind of ugly.

    Getting back to appliqué!  Hopefully, by May, I will have at least one Alphabet Garden Border finished and a good start on the second one.  I decided that if I appliquéd at least one letter each day I should finish all four borders in 75 days!  The center of Summer Delight, the new block of the month is available below.

    Click on the link below to take you to the page with the 2019 blocks.

    2019 Block of the Month

    Patterns on Payhip

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    I’m glad everything went OK and you are well again.
    Sorry to say but the April block was not there yet. Will try again later.
    Warm hugs, Ruthie

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