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Blocks of the Month 2019

Blocks of the Month for 2019 © bdieges designs

Here you will find the pattern links for each month.  Each month will be a part of a seasonal wallhanging.  Hopefully, you don’t just collect them, but also make them.  Please send pictures, even when they are in progress!

Each season will be available for three months.  After the third month, the patterns go to Payhip.

January to March Blocks– Spring Fling–now at Payhip

April to June Blocks–Summer Delight–now at Payhip

July to September Blocks–Fall ‘n’ Leaves–now at Payhip

October Block of the Month

November Block of the Month

December Block of the Month


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  1. I just found this one today.. its so beautiful..how big will this finish at? from what i can see its being built like a round robbin or will there be more than one.. so far jan feb march and april makes a spring one is that correct.. trying to plan how to do this and what fabrics ill be needing. Thanks for doing this BOM for us eq users. Renee

    • Thank you! There are four 40″ square wall hangings in this series. Each one is for three months. So a new one started in April.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! It’s a beautiful gift. LOVE it! I just found this and it’s an absolute Gem. I’m late starting in on it and can’t wait to pull my fabric and dig in!!! Hugs….

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