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  • January Block Finished!

    Here is the January block of the month, all finished and pressed, thanks to several 30 mile round trips to town, a guild meeting and a doctor’s appointment for my husband! That’s how to get handwork done!


    How do you store unfinished blocks?  Here is one way, an unused pizza box!  You can usually purchase them at most pizza places, for just a couple dollars.  This one has been in my closet for a while and measures 14″ across inside, if that is for a medium or large pizza, I have no idea!


    Thought I would share one of the quilts from my book and one-woman play A Thread Runs Through It.

    Took Wild Rose quilt to the quilt guild meeting to share, because my friend Sally was the speaker.  She was talking about her mother’s and her own quilts.  Sally appliquéd all of the roses on this quilt, so I thought it would be fun to show off another quilt, which she helped to make.


    The reason she did the appliqué, was because I was close to my book deadline and running out of time.  I hand-quilted it, as well, although it is machine pieced.

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  1. Schools out so I have now made my twelve blocks can I go ahead and put wreath on all of them? Will the placement of flowers be about in same place for all 12 blocks?

    • Yes, the flowers will be in the same position, but not as much shows in all of them. You might consider just basting the wreath portions, then you can cut away what is not needed. The amount that shows in the Base Block Instructions is all that is needed. So it isn’t necessary to applique a complete wreath, because the flowers and/or leaves will cover most of it. The small amount of wreath doesn’t take that long to applique. Does that make sense?

      • Thanks. Just wanted to check and make sure, before I did all my wreaths. Looked like in all the patterns so far it had gaps in same places, but wanted to be sure!
        Thanks again, as a new quilter, I am loving this block and your instructions.

        I am getting an error message when I try an open the June block, might be its not there yet…. I am too eager.

      • It should be available now. I scheduled it, but forgot to check one box. Hopefully you can access it.

  2. What a great block. My batiks arrived so I hope to start my block soon. I invite you to link to my WIPs Be Gone to tell more about your wonderful BOM. I know we’ll want to follow your progress.

    • Thank you! Have to remember how to do the link thing. Always takes me a minute, when I haven’t done it for a while!

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