My Favorite Quilts

Click on the title to discover the inspiration and stories of these quilts, because every quilt has a story.

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Pick a Peck

Stitch and quilt the memories of summer and autumn. Imagine picking juicy red cherries with a breeze to cool the summer heat or the spicy scent of an apple pie cooling on the window sill!

Double Stars

A great design, with lots of movement. Look complicated? Its easy with my Sewfasst® techniques, that do not require templates or cutting a single half square triangle. Rotary cut strips, sewn and cut again give these wonderful patches.

Home Sweet Home

This square quilt has all of my favorite handwork techniques: patchwork, quilting, applique, embroidery and cross-stitch.

Nine Lives

Are these nine cats dreaming up some mischief? The fur won\'t fly, but nine watchful pussycats are contemplating you!

Designing patterns and teaching quilting are the best part of quilting. These give me the opportunity to plant the seeds of all my ideas, and see new quilts grow in someone else\'s patchwork garden. -- Barbara Dieges