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  • Poppy WIP, UFO, PHD

    WIP–Work In Progress

    UFO–Un-Finished Object

    PHD–Project Half Done

    What do you call yours?  How many do you have on your shelf or shelves?  I have too many to count.  My problem is that I get an idea, try it, find out how it works and then move on to the next idea!  Maybe I have Attention Deficit Disorder and don’t know it!  


    I started the following Poppy quilt as a challenge with a friend a number of years ago.  She Kept It Simple Sweety, (KISS), obviously I didn’t.  She finished hers, I didn’t.

    I decided to try a technique from a book on landscape quilts, which I didn’t like the more I got into it, so what happened?  The piece was never finished.

    The California Parks Department is having an online quilt show in honor of the 150th anniversary of the department, so I thought it is about time to finish that Poppy Quilt in honor of the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve.  However once I started on it, I remembered why I didn’t finish it in the first place, I did not LIKE the technique.

    Last year I took a workshop put on by the Glendale Quilt Guild with Cynthia England who makes landscape quilts using the technique she calls Picture Piecing.  It is done with freezer paper ironed to the fabric, cutting 1/4″ seam allowances around each piece.  So I decided to start all over again with this technique and I am LOVING it!

    Working on this has given me the confidence to work on a major piece that I want to make of a spring waterfall on our property that I took pictures of several years ago.  All of the landscape classes I have taken didn’t really satisfy me.  This technique really fits the bill.

    Here is the new Poppy Quilt version in progress.  I just started Monday afternoon and that included making two copies of the drawing.  The flower is about 18″x24″ in size, so it will finish slightly larger with borders.


    I will keep you updated as I go along, the top should be finished in the next couple of days.



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