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  • UFO 11-Forging ahead

    For those of you who asked and those collecting the block of the month, whether the PDF or EQ, they are finally available, just go to the link at the bottom of the page.  Sorry about that!  

    Finally getting back to work on the #1 UFO, the Floral Alphabet Garden quilt!  This is what it should look like when finished.  The inner part of the quilt is finished, and I am now working on the borders.  I thought about using a third fabric for the borders but couldn’t find one that worked with the two in the center, so I am using one of those.

    The best investment that I have made in a long time is my Silhouette Portrait cutter.  There definitely is a learning curve, but so worth it in the end.  There is a choice of cutters out there, but I decided on this one because of the price and size.  This is the smallest one they make which takes a letter size piece of paper.

    What is so exciting is that it only takes a minute to cut out the page of templates, saving so many hours, compared to cutting by hand.  Saves my aching hand, too.  I know a lot of people use these cutters to cut fabric, however, I do not.  I only use it to cut doubled freezer paper templates.  That gives me the choice on how to arrange the templates on the fabric, once they are cut.  Especially when working with batiks, this gives me the ability to take advantage of fabric color or pattern.  Also, there is no waste of fabric, since you have to cut a square or rectangle of fabric to go through the cutter. 

    I prefer to arrange the templates along the bias of the fabric, which helps with turning the seam allowances. 

    I try to make a point of trimming about 3/16″ from the edge of the paper.  Here is an example of snipping the seam of the inside curves.   

    Had to share this with you.  I had put a leftover sweet potato in a jar of water on my kitchen window sill.  It began to take over my window and counter, so we planted it in a pot and put it outside.  It finally produced flowers!  Have you ever seen a sweet potato flower?  I haven’t.  Reminds me of a morning glory. 

    Mary H. beat me to finishing the top.  Here is her Floral Alphabet Garden quilt!   

    Please post pix of your UFOs.  Only two more months to post your UFOs!  It can be done at the bottom of the page. Remember I said I was going to collect the names of all those who shared UFO’s for a drawing?  You can also get your name in, just post before and after pictures of something you finished or pictures of finished appliqué blocks from this website! They will be shared here on the blog.

    Click on the link below to take you to the page with the blocks.

    Block of the Month

    Patterns at Payhip


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  1. I can’t find the alphabet bom? I was sure I downloaded the whole alphabet but can’t find it?? I clicked on blueprint but it was not there either

    • It was upsetting when Bluprint dropped my patterns. I have sent you an email about how we can solve this issue.

    • Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know. I noticed that yesterday and thought it was fixed. Try refreshing your browser. I will go check it again!

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