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    I have been posting the clues for the Mystery Quilt, so they are available for purchase to those of you who would like to try it.  Take a look at previous Mystery Quilts I have concocted.  They have been a lot of fun to create and they all have Sewfasst® Techniques in them and this one has a brand new technique, that is really exciting.  This time I used Electric Quilt to help with the designing.

    And just what are Sewfasst® Techniques?  I give a little more of an explanation in the previous blog–Mystery Quilt.

    This is the fifth clue, just one more and then you will see what the quilt looks like at the guild meeting.  I might wait a bit to show it on here, because I would like to give those who have downloaded it from Craftsy a little more suspense.

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    • Thought it would be on Craftsy yesterday, but it needed a little more work, so I am hoping that it will be there today!
      Piecefully, Barbara

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