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    Once again I am running faster than my legs will carry me.  I think I am catching up and then I realize, no way!!  Working on the cross-stitch cuffs for three more stockings is taking longer than it should, but I am sticking to it.  The stocking part goes together quickly.

    I did devote some time to practical items, Swiffer pads.  I don’t like to spend money on those kinds of things and they fill up the landfills as well.  Mine is the original one with holes on the top that you tuck in the pad, so I have tried knitting different versions from cotton yarn.  I finally came up with this one that works very well at dusting and washing floors as well as being reusable and washable.  My daughter has the kind that has Velcro on the bottom and so I am knitting a flat version for her.  You can get the instructions for both by clicking on the photo.

    Constantly dealing with power shutdowns has kept me on my toes.  Three 36 hour plus ones in the last three weeks has made life very different.  Hopefully, the winds will die down and next month will be more productive.  However, we are learning how to deal with these shut-downs.  The problem is that we are all-electric, so we do have a generator for the freezer and frig.  A camp stove I haven’t used for 40 years, has also come in handy.  In the winter we have the wood stoves to heat the house and cook on, but with the winds and low humidity, we don’t dare use them. We also go to bed when it gets dark and get up when it is light!  So 12 hours of sleep is very welcome!

    Here are some of the joys of living where we do, electricity or not!  A friend told me we live in a zoo, except that we are the ones in the cage and the animals roam free.  This young bobcat showed up with his mom, who went gopher hunting further up the hill, then later the deer came by and stopped to mow the “lawn,” a herd of elk bedded down for the afternoon just across the street and we finally closed the day with a beautiful sunset.


    Betsy has shared her dandelion block with us.  Great job!  I love it when you all share blocks and quilts with me.

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