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  • December 2017 Block of the Month

    It is finished, well not really, now it all has to be put together.  The final block is here, our last Floral Alphabet Block!  When I started two years ago, I was a little nervous, because two years is a long time out, but here we are.  I finally have chosen a quilt-setting, but you will have to wait a little bit to see it.

    Since we needed something with a “Z” what else could it be but Zinnia!  Did I hear some “yipes” out there when you considered how many petals Zinnias have?  I have done my best to keep them to a minimum.  When I think of zinnias I think of this kind, not necessarily the color, but the shape, which was my goal for in this month’s block. If you go online there are many varieties and colors.  Search for zinnia flower pictures and you will find great inspiration for coloring your blocks.  The one below has incredible coloring, looks like someone painted the petals, although it doesn’t have the multiple petal layers.

    Have fun picking fabrics for your flowers.

    For the last four months, I have been trying to decide what to do for 2018. What kind of flowers?  Pull some flower blocks from the past? Or some other kind of appliqué block?  Really scratching my head!

    I finally decided that 2018 will be the Year of the UFO (Un-Finished Objects) because I have three quilts that need to be finished and hand-quilted.  That includes the quilt I have to put together with the blocks from the last two years.  Designing and appliquéing blocks doesn’t leave much time to hand finish quilts.  I also have bins filled with unfinished projects.  I don’t suppose any of you have that kind of problem?  In those bins, I also have clothes to be mended (that’s a nasty word for a quilter) that I have been putting off.

    So I am challenging you, as I work on finishing projects, to also finish projects.  What about appliquéing those blocks of mine that you have been collecting?  The coming year will give you time to do that.

    I will be presenting my UFOs to you on the blog probably along with tutorials, depending on the project and possibly a free pattern to go along with it.  I will be giving you more information on January 1, the day for New Year’s Resolutions!

    Any other finished blocks?  We would all love to see them as they are an inspiration to others.  Please share, it doesn’t matter how long ago you started them!

    Click on the title “2017 Alphabet Block of the Month” below to take you to the page with the 2017 blocks.

    2017 Alphabet Block of the Month

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