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    I told Kim I would put the pictures up in a few days and here it is more than a week later.  I thought I could post them on another website, but couldn’t figure out how.  So here they are.

    Whenever someone sends me pictures of a quilt they made from one of my patterns it makes me so happy.  You have no idea how thrilling it is to see a finished item or even seeing a top is exciting!

    I think of it as planting seeds of my ideas and watching them bloom in someone else’s garden.  Here are the pictures Kim sent me.  Gale from Canada had bought the pattern online and when Kim saw it she had to order one too.

    Kim is a volunteer at a rescue place and makes different wall quilts or lap size to raise money.  What a great idea.

    Gale did some embroidery work in the spaces between the puppies.  Love it!!

    Thank you, both for sharing.

    waggy tails 2

    waggy tails Gales


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  1. Are there any corrections in this pattern? Or am I not understanding it? Thank you! Love this pattern.

    • No one has told me that they have had any issues, but I will email you and we can discuss what might be a problem.

    • So delighted that you liked the pattern so much that you made it twice! With twins you will probably be doing that a lot! Piecefully, Barbara

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