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    Have a few different things to talk about and the last one is related to the first part, so make sure you read it all.

    Another snowy day and all is well!  Love being in my studio with the wood stove going and catching up with what needs to be done.Where we live we could be on propane but decided that using wood stoves with electric heater back-up was a better option.  Wood stove heat is so much more economical and warming.  We also have a solar hot water system.  During the spring and summer, we never have to turn on the water heater.  In the fall and winter, we have lots of wood to burn since we have lost most of our forest to the pine bark beetle, so that is not a problem.  In the past, we have always had enough wood on our seven acres with plenty of downed oak and pine trees and broken limbs.


    Do you have UFOs (Un-Finished Object) or PHDs (Project Half Done) hanging around in your sewing space?  For the new year, the American Quilt Society is publishing a free organizer, with new pages every month.  I have already downloaded mine for January.  It will probably take me a year, just to organize all of my UFOs.  You can get it through the AQS blog.


    The EQ7 blocks 2016 are done, yayyyyy!  The January 2017 block is also available.  I will try to stay ahead in the coming months but make no promises.

    Working on the O block.  Here are the fabrics for the flowers and leaves.  The pink fabric is actually two tones in one.  It shades from dark to light.  Any guesses as to which flower it is?  Won’t be telling until February 1st, but it doesn’t hurt to try to figure it out!


    The first blog hop of the year is coming up, “Fresh Snow” starting January 20, so I have been working on that too.  It is all about winter and what that means to us in cold parts of the world.  I think you will like my little project, that will be available on January 23.

    We were asked to design something from a fabric that isn’t cotton, but flannel works because it is for those cold days of winter.

    If you click on the blue star in the right-hand column, you can get more information there.  The schedule below has the links for the participants, where you will get to see what others are doing.

     *January 20*

    Jane’s Quilting
    Lulu & Celeste
    Quilt In Piece
    3Patch Crafts

    *January 23*

    Quilted Fabric Art
    Sew Many Yarns
    bdieges designs (me)

    *January 24*

    Elm Street Quilts
    Resourceful Mama 
    MooseStash Quilting
    Any Pattern
    SeaCoast Quilter

    *January 25*

    Life in the Scrapatch
    Bumbleberry Stitches
    Elizabeth Coughlin Designs

    Seams To Be Sew

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  1. I was guessing orchid but after see the fabrics I’m guessing oxalis. Just finished the N block so I’m ready. Going to post it now.

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