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  • More Finished Blocks!

    Mary H presented her five finished blocks and I finally caught up to her!  Just started the appliqué for June, so that flower has been “picked!”  Hopefully I will be presenting a FINISHED block to you on June 1, or at least close to finished.  This is in the midst of making placemats for a June wedding and designing a row block for a challenge, which you will hear more about later.  So I do keep busy.maryh1-5

    5.mayblockAnyone else with finished blocks?  Please send pictures!

    I think I have finally come up with how to use these blocks in a quilt, thanks to EQ7.  Similar, but different from your concept Mary.

    Any setting ideas from anyone else out there?  Flower suggestions for future months? How do you plan to use your blocks?  Love to see comments from you.

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5 Responsesso far.

  1. Hi, I have not been able to download the first 2 EQ7 blocks. The links seem to be broken for blocks of A and B.

    I love your blocks by the way!! 😀

    • Thank you for the compliment. I am sorry you missed the first two blocks. They are only available for two months at a time. A was available until the end of February and B until the end of March. After two months they are posted on Craftsy for a small fee. So right now G and H are available.

  2. Can’t wait to see how you plan to finish the quilt. Right now I’m thinking four across and six down with some kind of appliqué border. I don’t plan on sashing because I like the way the blocks look together. I’m anxiously awaiting June! Thanks for a great project Barbara.

      • I hadn’t looked at the setting when I wrote my note, actually it is a 5×6 setting with sashing.

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