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  • May 2017 Block of the Month

    The obvious flower choice for this month would have been the Rose, but as I was researching other flowers that begin with R, I came across this one.  Most of us probably call it Hibiscus, but it is also known as Rose of Sharon.  Since this is also the name of a popular quilt appliqué pattern, with many variations, I thought this would be the appropriate flower for this month.
     If you notice it is slightly different from the design, the stamen is going in the opposite direction, but once it was appliquéd, I was not going to rip it out!  I am not happy speaking frog (rip it)!

    When you make up your mind to move ahead and get things finished, it really works!  The flowers for the rest of the year have been designed and the two blocks for June are almost finished.  All the fabrics have been chosen for the remaining flower blocks, although they aren’t cut out yet.  I bagged them along with the printed pages so I will truly be organized.  Part of the push is because I need to be hand quilting the Wreaths of Flowers quilt for the Glendale Quilt Guild show in September, which really should have been started in January!  Here it is basted, and in the frame, with the center star quilted.The flowers for S, T, W, and Z will be more common flowers, but X and Y are more obscure.  Even with the internet, the search has been challenging.  Part of the problem is the kind of flowers that are available for those letters.  Some have tiny flowers or lots of petals or they have huge leaves or …

    Anyone else out there with finished blocks?  We would all love to see them and they are an inspiration to others.

    Click on the title “2017 Alphabet Block of the Month” below to take you to the page with all of the months.

    2017 Alphabet Block of the Month

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  1. You’re doing great at making the letters. I can’t wait to see the new one every month. They are so unique. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you, the most challenging part of it is finding the appropriate flower for the appliqué!

  2. Hi I am just going to start the blocks what size are they.I have working on the lollypop tree Lots of work but very happy with it .Love all your work very much.I thank you very much. Irene

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