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    If you would like to subscribe to my blogs, in the right column you will see a spot where you can sign up.  Sorry it has taken me so long, but I’d rather be stitching, than computing, but it seems sometimes that is all that I am doing!

    Finished the center setting units.  At first I thought, that is a LOT of flying geese, don’t think I ever made that many at one time before, but I am listening to my podcasts and they are flying out of the sewing machine.  Going a lot quicker than I thought they would.inprogressJust a few days ago, I received pictures of finished blocks from Lisette and Ella.  Love to see how my designs inspire others.lisette1 lisette2Lisette has done a beautiful job of machine appliqué, her colors are so bright and bold.

    ella4 ella3 ella2 ella1Ella really stepped outside the box.

    She shrank the blocks to 6″ square and “painted” them with colored pencils.  That would never have occurred to me.  Crafty people can be so creative.

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