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    Long before I dove into quilting, I loved to stitch with wool.  In the early 1970’s, I developed my own line of stitchery kits under the name “bd stitcheries.”  I sold them locally, at needlepoint/stitchery shops and art fairs; obviously before the internet!  Most of the kits were animal and flower designs, with wool yarn and linen backing.  This one is still hanging in my hallway.

    My husband helped me silk-screen the designs on the linen in our family room.  Obviously, this was not a factory production line!  Brings back a lot of memories and after 50 years, he still supports my “habit!”stitch2I found the instruction sheet a few weeks ago, so I thought I would scan it and show it to you.  Didn’t realize I still had a copy of it.  Notice that it is all nicely TYPED on a typewriter with my own drawings and photocopied.stitch1This same stitch is what I prefer to use for embroidering lines or names on my blocks.  I suggest using one of the dark appliqué threads, but one strand of embroidery thread would work as well, although it is just a little thicker and softer than the appliqué thread.

    Each stitch or bite of fabric should be very small, about 1/16″ or so, in length.  You could use a fine .01 Pigma® pen to ink the flower name, but I am so old school!anemone

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  1. I remember those stitching instructions TOO well!!! Does that mean we are dating ourselves???
    Thank you so much for your BOM — It is truly beautiful and I will thoroughly enjoy making it!

    • We are dating ourselves when we remember stuff from the “last” century! That’s OK, sometimes I wish we could return to a less frenetic lifestyle. Maybe that is why we enjoy doing “handwork,” it helps to slow things down.

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