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    I am so delighted with what a wonderful day this has been!  Close to finishing a project that has been in the back of my head for many years.  Just have to hide the quilting thread tails and bind it.  It was especially delightful to work on this for it has been raining all day, so I have been tucked away in my studio with the woodstove burning.  So grateful for the rain!blessthisdayI number of years ago I developed a strip-patch method of making letters, that I called Alpha-Patch©, that I turned into a printed pattern, but that was it.  I used it for a few personal quilts, but nothing else.  This machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted quilt was a take off of my Home Sweet Home quilt, that is available as a pattern. (Picture taken 1996!)homeswhomepcdWith all the appliqué I have been doing, it has been a while since I had really done any serious piecing.  I had forgotten about how difficult it was to keep the seams of these narrow little pieces, pressed and laying in the correct way.

    I remembered a pressing stick, I bought at a paper piecing class several years ago.  It was still in the package and wonder of wonders, it really works!  Those seams laid exactly the way I pressed them, using that stick.  My new best piecing “friend!”  btd1Those seams didn’t even twist when I layered it for quilting.  btd2

    Here is the wrong side.  btd3

    You can find out more about The Strip Stick here!  If you already have and use one, tell us about it.  P.S.  I am not getting paid for this little advertisement of an awesome tool, just had to share with all of you!

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    • Oh yes! Actually thinking about taking it to my Wreath of Flowers quilt top, which could really benefitted from this tool.

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