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  • UFO 6-Keeping Even

    In last month’s blog, Angie linked a photo of a finished project in her comment.  The photo was so small it was hard to see the details.  I thought I would include it this month for two reasons.  First, so you could have a better look.  Second, it is perfect for this month because it is a patriotic quilt.  Love that country look! 

    Please post pix of your UFOs.  It can be done at the bottom of the page. Remember I said I was going to collect the names of all those who shared UFO’s for a drawing?  You can also get your name in, just post before and after pictures of something you finished or pictures of finished appliqué blocks from this website! They will be shared here on the blog. 

    Mary submitted two photos this month, one finished (it is so bright and cheery) and a Work in Progress.  Here is what she has to say about the finished one:

    Here’s my latest finish.  I really like this one. It’s been waiting since 2007.  Happy Fourth of July!

    I am sliding into the finish line with the four butterfly corner blocks for the Floral Alphabet quilt and a case for our GPS.  Now I need to get the rows sewn together, finish the circles and move on to the border.  Step by step I am getting there!

    The tutorial is for a different snap purse, but the concept is the same.  Just click the photo to view the tutorial. Measurements for this case is below.  This would be a great bag for a phone too.  Just allow for the thickness (depth) of the phone when making the bag along the sides and at the top and bottom edge.

    Here are my measurements for the Snappy GPS Case:

    This GPS measures 4″x 5-1/2″x1/2″ thick. To compensate for the thickness and seam allowance:

    I cut the outside fabric and flannel 5″x 14″ and the lining 5″x 17″.

    I also made a 1/2″ pleat on the bottom.  You can do without the pleat, but I prefer to have one. 

    Just follow the instructions in the tutorial to put it together.

    Click on the link below to take you to the page with the 2018 blocks.

    2018 Block of the Month


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