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    Pinned the Poppy Quilt yesterday, to get it ready for quilting.

    I used long pins and Pinmoors. You stick the pin into them as you pin-baste, so you are protected from the points. Seem to be easier to pin than safety pins, but I will see how I like it when it is actually under the needle! I bought the smallest and cheapest package I could, to see if I like them for machine quilting. They are made of silicone and the holes disappear when you remove the pin.

    They come in different colors, but a mixed bag was the cheapest, so what difference does it make what color they are?  I am not that fussy.


    Finished the quilting today. Am in the process of binding it right now. I should have used a heavier thread on the back. I don’t know why I can’t remember that you have to use the same weight threads top and bottom, if you don’t want tension problems. Oh well, maybe I will remember next time!

    I used YLI and Superior quilting thread on top and Mettler Silk Finish on the bottom.  So no matter how I fussed with the tension, I had the colored thread showing on the back!

    Shows what happens when you rush and don’t take your time to think through the steps, at least it looks fine from the front!


    The Pinmoors were very easy to use. Didn’t have sore fingers AND you can quilt right up to the pin.  Even if it is facing the wrong way, it was easy to pull out. I have enough for a small quilt, so I guess I will be getting some more!


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