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Spool Chatelaine

Intermediate Project

You are probably asking, “What is a chatelaine?”  The dictionary gives two definitions, “mistress of a country estate or castle” and “a clasp or chain hung from a woman’s belt to hold keys or small articles.”  Sometimes the term was used for “keeper of the keys.”  I put a chatelaine around my neck to keep sewing tools handy.

The pincushion utilizes an old wooden spool for the center.  Scraps of striped or plaid fabric are perfect for these unusual pincushions.  Attach a small one to the ribbon woven chain of rings or make a large one to set next to your sewing machine.  Directions are included for making a strip or checkerboard patchwork designs.  These require slightly more fabric.

Directions are also included to make a small bag to hold thimbles and/or a spool of thread.  The hard to find button form is included, as well as a small antique wooden spool.  Since there are many different sizes of wooden spools, the pattern is designed for four sizes.  Choose the size closest to the included spool or one of your own. 


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