Block of the Month CD

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2002-2003 Block of the Month
Volume One

2004-2005 Block of the Month
Volume Two

2006-2007 Block of the Month
Volume Three

2008-2009 Block of the Month
Volume Four



  • All 120 Block of the Month applique designs have been compiled on six CDs.  That means there are 10 years worth of applique designs, ten quilts and instructions on these CDs, along with Applique with Me, illustrated applique instructions, all in a protective CD binder.
  • You can now have, at your fingertips, any block from January 2002-December 2011 to print out with minimal storage space.
  • Stars ‘n’ Flowers and Flower Lattice Quilt are part of this collection or can be purchased separately, see links below.  
  • All of the blocks have been remastered, so they print out in clear definition.  The blocks, quilts and instructions are formatted as PDF files which can be opened and printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.  No other program is needed!
  • You don’t have to be online, all you need is your browser, Adobe Acrobat and printer, for printing out whatever you want to use.
  • 2010 Stars ‘n’ Flowers and 2011 Flower Lattice Quilt are still available as a package on CD.

2010 Block of the Month Stars ‘n’ Flowers 

2011 Block is now available Flower Lattice Quilt

2012 Block is now available Oma’s Cupboard Quilt

Block of the Month Applique Collection a $75.00 value, for $32.50

THANK YOU!! In appreciation a gift will be included with any order over $20!

Here are eight blocks from 2006-2009, two from each year.

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