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  • January 2018 UFOs of the Month

    Seems kind of strange, not designing a new block of the month, but as I explained to you last month, I really need to finish what I have started because I have way too many Un-Finished Objects hanging around.  However, on the first of each month, a revised version of one of my original blocks of the month is included.  This one is from January 2003.

    The link is at the bottom of the page, but please read the rest, before you scroll down.

    Here are three bins and two more that aren’t in the photo.  There are also quilts that need to be hand and machine quilted, skirts that need shortening and pants that need new elastic.  So I am not just talking about quilting, any kind of project that needs to be FINISHED is part of this challenge!

    New Year’s Resolution:

    Get these puppies OUT of here!

    So I am challenging you, as I am working on my UFO’s, to also finish your UFO’s.  If you doing this along with me, it will also motivate me to keep going.  Receiving pictures of the block of the month, kept my motivation going on the two-year project with the Floral Alphabet blocks.  Trust me it was hard!

    How about stitching up some of those block patterns you collected for the last two years and sending me pictures? Those count as UFO projects too.

    If it isn’t an appliqué block, when you pick your UFO project, take a picture.  Then when you finish it, take another picture.  Send me the two pictures.  I will post them here on the blog.  The more pictures you send the more chances you will have to receive a prize.  Every time you send pictures of your UFO’s I will put your name in the “bag!”  Just look at it this way, you move projects out and you get to eventually replace them with new projects!  Out with the old, in with the new!

    At the end of 2018, I will draw TWO names of those who sent pictures of their projects.  You will receive a prize, which will involve books and patterns, exactly which ones I haven’t decided.  I do ask that if you are outside of the US that you pay postage.  Or I might be able to send you digital downloads.  Have to figure that out.

    During each month I hope to be presenting my UFOs to you on the blog on a regular basis.  I might include some tutorials, but that depends on the project.  Who knows, maybe a free pattern too.  Your pictures will also appear on the blog each month.

    Here is great tutorial about UFO’s and how to push yourself to finish them, Warning Signs of a UFO

    Click on the title “2017 Alphabet Block of the Month” below to take you to the page with the 2017 blocks.

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    2018 Block of the Month

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