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  • It’s a Mystery VI

    The Garden Party Row Along starts next Tuesday, Sept 8!  So expect an email to check out my blog, because a list of all fifty participants will be available there.

    Here is a little snippet of my row. My day is October 1 and guess what else is happening that day!  It is the SAME day as the reveal for the Mountain Mystery Quilt! 

    I did not plan to have all of this going on at the same time!  Hope I keep up with it!!  As they say, stuff happens!   


    Totally unrelated to the Garden Party Row Along or the Mountain Mystery Quilt, I was interviewed by Paula Chamberlain of A Quilter’s Life. It was so much fun to talk about how I got started in quilting and she loves to interview quilters.  As she says on her website, “It’s been said that every quilt has a story and it’s so true.  And I also believe that every quilter has a story to tell.”  My story was posted yesterday, August 31, if you would like to listen to it.  Also if you would like to share your quilting life, she would love to hear from you as well!


    Waggly Tail just keeps on going and going, sort of like the Energizer Bunny!

    I received a notice that I had sold a pattern to Nansi and sent her a thank you note.  Within a few minutes, she responded with this picture and comment:

    “Thank you.  I’ve gotten a lot done today.  Up to the collar step.”

    The next day I received this picture, that is so awesome!  Thank you Nansi, for sharing, really appreciate it!


    Here is the sixth and final Mystery clue! 

    I guess none of you are making the clues, just waiting to see what it looks like before you do?  Since I haven’t received any pictures, that must be what is going on.  Oh well!



    Remember the clues are available in my Payhip Shop and are free for only one month.  At the end of the month, it goes away and the new clue is presented.  The reveal happens in October!

    Click below to take you to the 2020 Quilt Along and Mountain Mystery Quilt.

    Remember the free version goes away at the end of the month:

    2020 Quilt Along and Mystery

    Patterns on Payhip

    Previous Row Along Patterns 

    My Classes at Academy of Quilting

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