• February 2016 Block of the Month

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    Many of you have asked how to be on my newsletter list.  I don’t have a newsletter, but you can be notified when the blocks are published through the blog, by signing up in the column on the right.

    When you sign up make sure you confirm the email sent to you.  The reason for returning the email is to verify your address and it puts you on the notification list.  Check your spam box and make sure that you allow your email to receive email from this website.

    Some of you have signed up, but not returned the email that is sent out.  Until you do that, you won’t be notified.  Very simple way to notify everyone this way, I wish I had found out how to to this years ago.  Oh, well, I’m a slow learner.  Would rather be stitchin’ than computin’!


    I didn’t get too far on the appliqué with the first block, because I was not happy with the look of the petals and had to do them over.  I am not good at doing over, because then I procrastinate.  Just will have to work hard in this short month we have ahead of us.

    I plan to trim away the part of the letter that is under the petal.  Seems to be shadowing through more than I thought it would.2.febbom2Every journey begins by just putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward and so we do as we move into 2016.  I had a hard time deciding what flower would be a good one for the “B” block.  I really like bachelor buttons and wild ones grow here on our mountain, but finally decided on bluebells.2.febbom1Also will be using the same fabric for the letters each month.  Is that grayed aqua the new neutral?  This color fabric seems to go well with all of the fabrics I am choosing, just like it did for the 2015 quilt sashings.  The blue for the flowers isn’t quite as vivid as it looks in the picture.  I will be cutting around those yellow and red blotches, and try to use the white ones to enhance the petals.

    The 2015 quilt is slowly coming together.  I have another long diagonal strip to put together.  I do them in between other items I am working on.  After this one the strips will get shorter.  I really need to get it together so I can start hand quilting it.  Just might get it done for the Glendale Quilt Guild show in 2017!  That way, I will have more time to hand quilt it than I did the last time.

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13 Responsesso far.

  1. Susan says:

    I can’t make them yet – have to finish some other projects, but I really like your alphabet and the flowers, so I am saving them to start this summer!

  2. Sally M says:

    A was lovely but B is gorgeous!!! Thanks so much. Bluebells, of course, I should have known!

  3. Ruthie Peterburg says:

    The link is working now.
    Warm hugs,

  4. Barbara Brannon says:

    Thank you SO much for these free patterns! Just LOVE them and can’t wait to start – have long admired your talents and you have just ‘outdid’ yourself on these. Cannot make up my mind on background, colors, etc., so am just going to bite the bullet so to speak and jump on in!
    Thank you again –
    Barbara in TN

    • bdieges says:

      Thank YOU for the compliments. Makes it worthwhile, when I know people like what I am doing. Please send pix as you work on the blocks, because we all want to see what everyone else is doing.

  5. Amy Rochelle says:

    Thanks! I was able to download without issue!

  6. Bev Andersen says:

    Good morning,
    I am trying to download the pattern for February and the link takes me to a page not found. Can you help me please?

  7. The link for the February block is taking me to a 404 Not Found page.