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Block of the Month 2

February Block of the Month/Quilt Along

bdieges designs©2021


Click on the block for the link to the free pattern. Remember the pattern is free only for 1 month.


If you have EQ click on the link below:

Electric Quilt Block of the Montheq2

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  1. So sorry everyone, it is corrected! Don’t know why I would have put that amount in there, when it is supposed to be free! At least I got some comments out of all of you!

  2. I have always loved your BOMs. Thanks for sharing your talent. Is the BOM no longer free? There is a fee for the February block.

  3. This is the one that is second and goes with the flying geese block from January? I was sitting on that page (from your tab) since Feb. 1, trying each day to access the February block, but there’s a line through it and it comes up a 404 page. I just want to make sure I’m using the right block. And it does say $6.75 on Payhip. Or is this a different BOM? Thanks! I’m confused, can you tell? =)

    • No each month’s block is on it’s own, unless you want to make a sampler quilt out of all of them. Or if there were two blocks you wanted to alternate. I present the blocks and you decide how you want to use it. I fixed the fee on the February block.

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