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Block of the Month 4

April Block of the Month

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If you don’t have Electric Quilt, click on the block to take you to the link for the PDF instructions. Remember the pattern is free for only one month


If you have EQ click on the link below:

Electric Quilt Block of the Montheq2

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  1. I have returned to get Aprils bom I have tried to message you it has been unavailable most of April come back and now you are charging for it thought you might give people a grace period of a few days due to it not being available… thanks for other blocks really appreciated them.

    • Are you talking about the EQ7 block or the block from Payhip?  The block from Payhip was available until Friday night and it was downloaded almost 200 times through April.  The EQ7 blocks are available all the time. Sorry I didn’t see your messages.  For some reason, messages from my website go to spam, which I check every day for that reason, but may have accidentally missed it.

  2. I am having the same problem trying to download the EQ file. Got the block without problem (THANK YOU!) but 404 not found error when I try to EQ. I calendared it to come back later in the month but there are only 2 days left the month and it still is 404. Please advise on what I’m doing wrong, thank you.

  3. Attachment  

    I’ve been trying to download the EQ April block and am getting an Error 404 page. I’ve tried 3 times, knowing that sometimes things happen and it might work the 2nd or 3rd time. Not so, today. Thanks so much for checking on it prior to the end of the month! 🙂 Blessings,
    Vivian Oaks

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