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Block of the Month 2019 in EQ

All these blocks are designed in EQ7 so that you will have access whether or not you upgrade to EQ8.


These files will only work with:

 EQ7, EQ8 or EQStitch installed on your computer.

Otherwise, these files are inaccessible!

Click on the .pj7 file to transfer it to your computer and place it in your Electric Quilt folder.  That should do it.  Clicking directly on the file may not open it, in that case, open your EQ program and direct it to the file to open it. 

IF you have problems downloading, try a different browser!

If you have one of those aforementioned EQ programs, download the files as they are posted.  I will do my best to load the EQ designs with the blocks each month, although I won’t guarantee to get them out at the same time as the PDF.  Just so many hours in the day.  Check back often!

Have fun using them in your EQ quilts.  If you design a quilt with these blocks, I would love to see it and will share it in the BOM Gallery!  That actually applies to any quilt made from my patterns, whether or not it is in EQ.  Always love to see your work!

ATTENTION EQer’s!  Please read the note cards.  Since the program generates the templates, it isn’t possible to have parts in front and behind a motif at the same time.  The notecard may also have instructions about the motif.  If the design is not within the boundaries of a block, it is under the motif tab.


Since these “Blocks of the Month” are designed as a wall-hanging, each month will be incorporated into the following month.  So the first month will be shown on its own, then the following month will include the first month and the last month will have all three.

The appliqué designs are all in the MOTIF file, they are not individual blocks.

Through the Seasons 

Spring Fling

Click on the wallhanging for the link to the EQ file. 


Summer Delight Click on the wallhanging for the link to the EQ file. 


Fall ‘n’ Leaves

Click on the wallhanging for the link to the EQ file.


Winter Time

Click on the wallhanging for the link to the EQ file. 

 If you want to talk about the blocks or EQ7, leave a comment below or come to the latest blog, at the link.



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  1. Lovely to connect with another EQ designer! I have purchased the EQ8 upgrade earlier this year and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
    Would love to share some of my patterns!

    Happy Quilting!

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