• August 2016 Block of the Month

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    I really pushed to get the G block done, but I did it to myself, with all those little flowers, so it will get done but not by August 1!  I promise I will not make a flower block that complicated again!  Not just for my sake, but for yours too!G_blk_finMary H. finished hers, so she is ahead of me, it is beautiful as you can see.  She did a better job of placing the flowers, too.  Not that the blocks must be identical, which is the beauty of appliqué, piecing is more exact, but you would think the “designer” would follow her own design.  I got the flowers on there, since I didn’t have the pattern with me, so they got put where they are, wasn’t about to move them!8.maryh_Gblock

    Couldn’t decide between Hellebore or Hollyhock, but finally decided on Hollyhock. Mostly to honor my poor lone Hollyhock that had been attacked by the deer.  Not much green around for them to eat, so my flower garden has become the local deli for the deer!  After they ate some of the leaves, my husband put a fence around the poor thing, so it would at least have a chance to bloom.  We could fence off the whole area, but it really wouldn’t work well.8.hhfencedElla sent photos of her blocks, from the 2015 BOM; they are hand painted and very lovely.  She is also going to to embroidery on them.  Love it when someone thinks outside the box.  It would not even have occurred to me to replicate the designs in paint, but why not?8.ellaspaintedBOM1With this posting, the Electric Quilt versions for the past few months can be found on the Block of the Month Electric Quilt page.  Sorry it has taken me so long.

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  1. Trudy Double says:

    Just wanted you to know that I used the ‘D” pattern on a table runner I am making and it looks great, however, once I got it cut and the pieces ironed on I realized that it was a dandelion… the bain of our existence here in NY as they take over our lawns!!! The table runner is coming out nice though. 🙂 Thanks for all of the hard work on the patterns. They are truly lovely.

    • bdieges says:

      That is funny! Thank you for the compliments. Please share a picture of your table runner with us, to see some different ways of using the blocks, other than quilts.